Why choose an independent insurance agency?

//Why choose an independent insurance agency?
Why choose an independent insurance agency?2018-10-20T19:28:40+00:00

about-mli-choices-coverage-careWe want you to “C” why doing business with a local independent insurance agency is the right choice for you, your family, your business and for all of your insurance needs. First, while the big mega insurance companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising, many people miss out on the opportunity to be represented by a local independent insurance agency like Mountain Lakes Insurance. Here are a few of the differences we want you to “C”:

1. Choices: While a captive agent of the big advertising insurance company represents only ONE company, Mountain Lakes Insurance represents over a dozen different companies, and our list keeps growing. Since we are able to quote from so many different insurance companies, we bring you the competitive advantage of CHOICE. Watch the video on our home page here. You’ll recognize most of the names of the companies we represent.  Some you may not, but all are highly rated and all of them are competing for your business. We’ll shop among them all for the best Choice for YOU. If the big nationally advertised company is too expensive or can’t provide the coverage that YOU want, we’ll work to find a highly rated, quality company that will quote a more affordable premium or provide the coverage you require … or both! CHOICES!  A captive agent can’t say that since they’re locked into the price and coverages set by the ONE & ONLY company that they represent.Contact us or Get an online quote from a few of our companies right now!

3. Coverages: Because we represent so many different companies, we will probably have the unique product and coverage that you’re looking for. Personal home, auto, umbrella, boat, motorcycle?  We’ve got all that & more. Business Insurance? Yup, we have most everything you need for the type of business you own. Life Insurance, Annuities, Disability & Long-term Care? Check, including “Key Man” coverage for your business. We even have specialty products and coverage.  Protect your pets? Uh-huh, we can even insure your pet. Need Classic Car Insurance? We offer the best!  Event Insurance?  We have that too.  Ask your One Choice big box insurer if they can do that for you. You’d be surprised how many of them call on us when they need something unique. So why not eliminate the middle man, save money, get the coverage you need, and let Mountain Lakes Insurance handle all the requirements of your insurance portfolio.

4. Care: Alright, maybe your mega-advertising-company captive agent is a good guy. He might even like you and want to do his best for you. But he’s stuck with only one option. And even if he knows that you could do better shopping around, he probably isn’t going to tell you that. The agents at Mountain Lakes Insurance are all experienced and professional customer representatives who are local folks involved in community and charitable activities right in your backyard. And when they say they care, not only is it true, but they can put it into action as well. No more mayhem. And they’re not just like good agents. They really ARE good agents.  Visit our free online insurance checkup checklist to sample the ‘checkup’ service provided to our clients.

Now that you can “C” why a local independent insurance agent is always the right choice for you, pick up the phone and call Mountain Lakes Insurance at 770-926-9444 or email us at mli@mountainlakesinsurance.com. Whenever you have questions or additional insurance needs.  We want to be Your CHOICE for insurance!