In 1998, after a mission trip to India, God began speaking to Papa’s Pantry founder, Lynne Saunders, about a “cupboard thing.” After weeks of praying about what it all meant, she decided to follow God’s leading and Papa’s Pantry was born.

Papa’s Pantry began in Lynne’s basement and all the food was delivered to people’s homes. During those early days, after the groceries had been put away, Lynne found herself offering additional help in the form of resume writing for those who were looking for work, and budget help for those who didn’t have the skills to properly manage their income.

Now, almost 17 years later, Papa’s remains a steadfast ministry in the community, not only feeding people in need, but providing education through The Master’s Training Center where they work diligently to help people get on their feet with the necessary tools for stability. This March marks 10 years in the building Papa’s occupies at 6551 Commerce Parkway in Woodstock.

There are many great stories that come out of Papa’s Pantry. For instance, around the holidays last year, a woman named Tamera gathered enough courage to leave her abusive husband and flee to Georgia, bringing her 3 children with her. Having no money, she moved in with a family member who was living with a friend.

It was in those early months here that Tamera found Papa’s Pantry. She came to get food for her kids, but when she spoke with an advocate on staff, she also found hope. She learned about the training classes that were available to her so she could get on her feet. She immediately participated in the Employment Strategies series in December. Just three weeks later, on January 5th, she got the call that she was hired for a job! It paid $10 an hour — not enough to support her family, but it was a good start. She happily accepted that job to begin her financial recovery.
Then, a setback… her family member was asked to leave the house in which they were all staying, which meant she lost her home as well. Still working, she and her kids were able to find a homeless shelter. Determined, she came back to Papa’s and The Master’s Training Center for resume help, hoping that she could find a job that paid enough so that she could support her kids on her own.

Then, the next step forward! She called the office recently to say that she has been offered another job that pays double what she had been making! Hallelujah! We are all praising God for his provision. Now, her next step will be to find affordable housing and leave the shelter. God is truly providing for this sweet family!

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