Woodstock GA Christmas Gifts - Are your Christmas gifts covered by insurance?With anticipation and joy, you unwrap the brightly-wrapped gift and open it up to reveal … what?! A diamond necklace? A backyard trampoline? Keys to a new car? A fur coat? A MacBook?

Whatever you receive for Christmas this year, at Mountain Lakes Insurance, we hope that it meets your every wish and helps you enter the new year with exciting toys, tools, and treasures.

But after opening your presents and before you get too far past the holidays, take a moment to consider the insurance coverage on your household’s new possessions. What a disaster it would be if fire or theft were to strike and those presents that brought such happiness were to disappear without protection. For probably just a few cents per day, you can add the necessary coverages to your home or auto policies to ensure peace of mind and the recovery of covered losses.

For example, a diamond necklace, fur coat, or expensive computer might be subject to a coverage limit on your home insurance coverage. To properly insure an expensive item, you might need to consider adding an expanded coverage or scheduling the items (which means listing the items on your policy for specific, appraised dollar amounts).

Is your new trampoline covered by insurance?A backyard trampoline might be covered for fire or theft, but not for liability on some homeowner’s insurance policies. Before setting up a Christmas trampoline in your backyard, give your agent a call so that you know how to protect yourself and keep your family safe.

Did you really get a new car for Christmas? Lucky! But now what? Can you take it for a drive right away? If you already have a personal auto policy, it’s probably okay, but it wouldn’t hurt to call your agent and check. Especially if the car will be garaged or parked in a different location than is indicated on the current policy (like at a college campus or elsewhere).

At Mountain Lakes Insurance, we want your Christmas to be merry and bright without any cause for concern. Please give us a call today at 770-926-9444 for all of your Christmas and New Year insurance needs.

Merry Christmas!