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Most multifamily housing communities require the renter to have renters insurance. This is not always the case for those who rent a home. Many home renters do not even think about renters insurance with the hustle and bustle of having to make other arrangements for moving into the property. It should, however, be on the top of everyone’s mind.

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Even if the property you are renting from already has insurance (many landlords have a policy on the homes they rent already) it is a wise decision for you, the tenant, to have your own renters policy as well. A renters insurance policy helps cover a wide range of catastrophes. The policy covers your personal belongings and it also covers you against the liability should someone become injured on or off the property and sue you.

Purchasing renters insurance covers your personal property from events such as fire, electrical issues, lightning strikes and flooding from pipes. Unfortunately, we have encountered more than a handful of customers who decided to purchase renters insurance after their home electronics were destroyed from a surge of electricity when lightning hit their rented home.

If you’re not sure whether or not you need renters insurance, please feel free to contact Mountain Lakes Insurance in Woodstock, GA.