Neglecting what’s Most Important?

by Jeff Nevison

Insurance marketing has become a pervasive force in our everyday life. Everywhere we look, insurance companies are trying to communicate that their company is better than the next company. Billions of dollars are spent by insurance companies trying to compete for your business. Some messages are funny, some try to drive social responsibility, and some use lizards, dogs, or a weird lady in white to entice us to buy from them. Unfortunately, most are focused on the message of price and very few send a message about the importance of what we get for the price. This has harmed the very consumers that insurance companies are trying to attract.

What is being neglected that is most important? Two things are significantly more important than price: (1) VALUE and (2) the importance of a GOOD INSURANCE AGENT.

Value is the combination of getting the coverage you need at a competitive price. Price without coverage consideration or coverage without price consideration is bad for everyone.

A Good Insurance Agent is your expert guide and conscience. A good agent will listen to determine what your needs are and ask clarifying questions. A good insurance agent will make recommendations and present coverage options that will meet your needs. A good agent will discuss the cost associated with the coverage that is needed. A good insurance agent will not just robotically try to sell you what you already have at a lower price if what you have isn’t what you need. If an agent is only selling the lowest price, without much discussion about coverage, then your savings may be short-lived when a claim occurs.

A Good Insurance Agent understands that: Price alone often leads to overlooked coverage. Overlooked coverage leads to unwanted financial hardship. Price without coverage doesn’t help when you’re property is damaged or stolen, or if you or a loved one is seriously injured by someone who only cared about price and neglected coverage. Price won’t help when someone sues you for everything you’ve got if you let price instead of need determine your liability coverage limits.

A price over value message has created the mentality that insurance can be purchased online and self-managed. After all, it’s all about the lowest price, right? Ever read your policy?

Close your eyes and think of something bad happening. Are you covered? Think about a fire, a theft, a storm, a tree falling, a flood, or an injury on or away from your property. Are you covered? How about a totaled car, a lawsuit, borrowing a car, loaning a car, renting a car, renting a truck? Are you covered? What if you are seriously injured or what if you or one of your children cause serious injury? Are you covered? Are you sure? If you bought just on price you probably have gaps in your coverage. If you bought without the guidance of a good agent, you probably don’t know the answer to some of these questions.

At Mountain Lakes Insurance, we recommend that you ignore the ads and focus on VALUE and a GOOD AGENT.

Price won’t matter much when disaster strikes, but your coverage and agent will be priceless!

Mountain Lakes Insurance is an Independent Insurance Agency. We look at many coverage options from multiple insurance companies to find the best plan and the best price for you. As independent insurance agents, we work for you and not just one insurance company. Please give us a call at 770-926-9444 if we can help you today. Contact us online.

Jeff Nevison is the co-owner/managing agent of Mountain Lakes Insurance.