Homeowners know how important it is to keep a well-maintained home to keep property values up. Anything from wood rot repair and exterior painting to updating your kitchen or bathroom adds significant value to a home. While we are an insurance company, we want to help you identify your current and future risks and then help you develop a personal plan to ensure you protect who and what you care about.

Exterior Updates

A professionally applied paint job will not only beautify your home, but add years of protection to your important investment. Your best bet is to hire a professional painting company who can take care of properly pressure washing, prepping and priming as necessary before applying any paint. Pressure washing kills and removes any mildew, dirt and debris that might be clinging to your exterior, which can be potential threats to the value of the home. In addition to painting the exterior, repairing wood rot and hardie plank siding are also a good investment to protect your home from termite damage and water damage.

Interior Updates

Painting the interior of your home is also important, but many investments in the interior of a home come from upgrades such as bathrooms and kitchens, which are the first rooms that real estate agents typically look at when pricing homes. Refinishing a kitchen can bring up to 80 percent return on investment, and bathroom renovations can bring up to 81 percent return on investment. Additionally, making upgrades to make the home more energy efficient are upgrades you can enjoy immediately, as well as down the line when you sell your home.

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