• 2014 Ice Storm EmergencyMountain Lakes Insurance offices will be closed on Wednesday, February 12.  We will reopen when weather and conditions permit which is expected to be sometime Thursday, February 13.

  • When possible, we will be monitoring email and phone messages frequently throughout this time period.

  • In case of an emergency please take the following steps:

Ensure everyone’s safety, including your own (you can’t help others if you are injured yourself).

Call 911 if ambulance, firefighters or police are required.

Do whatever you can do safely to prevent further loss or damages.

If assistance is needed, please note the phone numbers of some trusted emergency service companies provided at this link: Emergency Services.

When the situation is stable, notify Mountain Lakes Insurance and we can help determine your next steps.

During the next few days, if you incur obvious damage that warrants an insurance claim, please take advantage of our phone service that will allow you to ‘Enter 1 for an emergency’ and then use the voice prompt to speak the name of your insurance company and be immediately connected to your insurance company claims department.  Be patient as a high volume of claims is expected.

You can also access phone numbers for the insurance companies that we represent here: Emergency Services. Please write this information down in case phones in our area go down for an extended period of time.

As you prepare for the possibility of this “historic” event, these websites may be helpful:

Georgia Power
Weather Channel

If possible, move all personal property and vehicles away from potential trees or tree limbs that could fall during the icy and windy days ahead.  Be careful and be aware in the days during and after this event of the potential for injury caused from “major” ice falling from buildings and trees.