Choices of insurance carriers that you want. Insurance coverage that you need. And the professional care you deserve.

MLI will search among many different auto insurance companies to find the coverage that is best for you! You don’t have a one-size-fits-all car, so why settle for cookie-cutter insurance?more
When you purchased your home, you bought some insurance with it. Has it ever been reviewed? MLI has saved our clients thousands of dollars and prevented lots of headaches.more
Whether you need a full-fledged Business Owner’s Policy, a commercial auto policy, or just a general liability policy for your start-up, MLI can help you do business!more
Protect your estate and your loved ones with quality term life insurance. Life insurance should be affordable, not “cheap.” Do you know how much life insurance you need?more

Choices. Coverage. Care.

With over 20 companies represented and counting, Mountain Lakes Insurance is the right choice for you! Simply put, its the most trusted and respected independent insurance agency in the Cherokee County area.