Commercial Umbrella Liability


As a business owner in Cherokee or Cobb County, you probably have several assets that could be at risk should you suffer a major liability claim. A commercial umbrella policy is added liability coverage for your business. It’s meant to add additional protection should you suffer a claim on a primary policy that ends up exceeding the primary policy liability limit.

How a Commercial Umbrella Policy Covers Your Business

A commercial umbrella policy can cover liability claims such as medical expenses, property damage expenses and legal fees if you’re faced with a lawsuit. This is usually a stand-alone policy that works in conjunction with your primary underlying liability policies.

Some examples of how and when an umbrella policy would pay in the event you suffer a loss on an underlying liability limit:

  1. A company driver causes an at-fault accident involving multiple vehicles that exceeds your underlying commercial auto liability limit of $1 million.
  2. Your business sells a product, manufactures a product or provides a service that causes bodily injury to an individual and this claim exceeds the underlying liability limit.

By not carrying an umbrella liability policy, your company could be responsible for loss amounts that exceed your liability limits. A significant loss could put you at risk of losing your business.

Our experienced agents understand how serious a major liability claim can be for a small business. Contact our office today so that we can help you evaluate the risks associated with your business and assist you with getting the umbrella liability coverage that best suits your business and industry.

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