Classic Car Insurance


Your classic car isn’t like the rest, so don’t insure it like it is. Whether you have an antique, modern classic or modified classic, Mountain Lakes has your vehicle covered. A classic car policy typically carries the same major coverages as your standard auto but with more specialized options like agreed value, guaranteed flatbed roadside assistance, and flexible usage with no fixed mileage restrictions.

Flexibility in Classic Car Coverage

Don’t let your policy lock you into restrictions that keep you from enjoying your vehicle. Our carriers offer the flexibility and coverages that help give you that freedom. Want to take your vehicle on a road trip? We have a carrier that can include traveling collector coverage. Own auto memorabilia? We can cover that, too! Would you like the option to keep your vehicle even if its totaled? Cherished salvage coverage can help you keep pieces in your collection.

Coverage for Vehicles Under Construction

Are you building a classic from the ground up or working on a restoration? We can help provide coverage for all the stages with a ‘vehicle under construction endorsement.’ This endorsement provides automatic quarterly value increases, coverage for automotive tools and access to member assistance towing that can help transport your car to and from the shop.

If you own a vintage item that isn’t a car, we can offer coverage on not-so-common types of vintage transportation like military vehicles, antique tractors, vintage motorcycles, and classic boats.

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