Personal Umbrella Policies


An umbrella policy provides additional liability coverage that extends beyond your primary policies. It helps add an additional layer of protection from major claims or lawsuits.

Most carriers start umbrella coverage at a $1 million limit and you can increase from there. Most carriers will require your primary auto and home policies to carry higher liability limits in order to qualify for an umbrella. Stand-alone umbrellas are an option but are usually higher in premiums. We advise that you strongly consider an umbrella policy if one or more of the following applies to you:

  • Youthful operators in home
  • Own your home- no mortgage
  • Own any rental properties occupied by individuals
  • Have significant assets
  • Own a watercraft /ATV’s
  • Swimming pool

How Does a Personal Umbrella Policy Help Woodstock Residents

As an example, let’s say you carry $300,000 in auto liability coverage. You suffer an at-fault accident with multiple vehicles that totals $600,000 in damage/injuries. If you had an umbrella policy, it would kick in to cover the $300,000 that won’t be covered by the auto policy. 

We are here to help protect Woodstock residents and all of Georgia from as many uncovered loss situations as possible. Give us a call if you wish to learn more about an umbrella policy.

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