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We’ve got you covered.
With supplemental health insurance from MLI.

Why Aflac?

  • Aflac adds that extra layer of protection your employees need.
  • There is no direct cost to your company.
  • Aflac processes claims in an average of four business days.
  • Aflac offers both group and individual voluntary supplemental health insurance plans.
  • Over 465,000 businesses nationwide offer Aflac to their employees.
  • Aflac is ethically and financially sound.

AFLAC advantages overview

You probably count on your paycheck. Most of us do. So, what would happen if you were to get hurt or sick, having to miss work for awhile — without that paycheck?

Supplemental health insurance policies can help. While you’re out of work, they pay cash benefits that you can use to help with things like housing, food, and many of life’s expenses.

Did you know 1-in-8 people seek medical attention for an injury each year? A short-term disability policy can provide a source of income if you’ve been ill or in an accident. A supplemental life insurance policy can help your family through difficult times if something happens to you.

Contact us, MLI’s Aflac account representatives, and talk to them about supplemental health insurance solutions available for companies and individuals.