Roof Coverage Part II: Reporting & Responsibility

When it comes to roof claims in today’s market, carriers are now looking very closely at the ‘date of loss’. The date of loss is obviously when the damage occurred to the property. The issue that we now see occurring is the ‘date of loss’ not being in range of the policy term(s) if you […]

Roof Coverage: Replacement Cost vs. Actual Cash Value

Your roof is just as important as the structure and contents it is protecting. Do you know if your current insurance policy will cover your roof on a replacement cost basis if you suffered a loss? In recent years’ insurance carriers have implemented stricter guidelines on their roof coverage within your homeowners’ policy.

There are two […]

Replacement cost vs. Market Value

What would it take to rebuild your home if you suffered a total loss? Would you have enough coverage in place to rebuild the structure to the style & quality before the loss? People often express that the dwelling limit on their insurance policy is too high but there is a common misconception on dwelling […]

Am I Covered? … For my condo?

a series by Mountain Lakes Insurance
“Am I covered … for my condo?”
“The association master policy covers my condominium, right?” Well, it protects the association, but not you. Coverage for personal liability and personal property comes from a personal condo policy and not from the association. […]

Am I Covered? … For the full value of my home?

a series by Mountain Lakes Insurance
“Am I covered … for the full value of my home?”
Many people think that homeowners’ policies are all the same. The truth is they are not. If you own an above-average-value home, you should probably have a different policy type than the owner of an average- or below-average-value home. […]

Am I Covered? … For the replacement of my roof?

a series by Mountain Lakes Insurance
“Am I covered … My roof is less than 30-years-old, so I don’t have replacement cost coverage concerns, right?”
The age of your home’s roof affects replacement cost coverage. You should know that many companies are now changing age-of-roof requirements. In some cases… […]

What to do when you have frozen water pipes

With bitter cold temperatures in the Atlanta area, you need to be prepared. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen to you, but you should still know what to do when you have frozen water pipes.

No water or only a trickle…
Here are some techniques for thawing frozen pipes: 

If possible, expose a boxed-in area to the inside heat. An […]

Theft Prevention MeasuresUnused deadbolts are a thief’s dream

While most homeowners have some type of theft prevention measure installed – like a home security system or deadbolts – almost one-third don’t use them.

A survey from Nationwide Insurance found that:

79 percent of homeowners have at least one theft prevention measure installed, but 3 in 10 do not use them regularly, inviting unnecessary risk.
20 percent […]

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Trampoline Insurance Coverage: Trampoline Safety Tips

Are you having trouble finding trampoline insurance coverage?
Well, it’s no wonder that it’s tough to find backyard trampoline insurance coverage! Trampolines can be fun, of course, but according to a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimate*, trampoline accidents were the cause of more than 83,000 annual injuries that resulted in emergency room visits. Avoid being a […]

Back to School Special: Property Insurance for College Students

Do you need property insurance for college students? Let’s see, you’ve packed up the mini-fridge and the big-screen TV, the laptop computer and the game console, as well as the electric guitar and the amp. Not to mention all the clothing, hair products, and the futon. How you fit it all in the back of […]