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It’s Black and White – Everyone Needs It!

Regardless of where you’re at in your life cycle, and no one knows for sure, life insurance should be an important part of your financial plan for your family, your business partner(s), your employees and others that you love or that rely on you for financial security and […]

Life Insurance: Do It for Love

Life Insurance – The term itself is somewhat of a verbal irony. I insure my life so that if I die, others may benefit. The Bible says, “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” To most, love is about feelings, passion, intimacy, fulfillment and sacrifice. According to an […]

Meet Jim

Jim Allen is a third-generation Georgian and has been practicing since 1980. Jim works with business owners, professionals, and individuals in the areas of Risk Management, Retirement Planning, Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning Strategies. Jim’s services and products also include IRA’s, SEPs, Mutual Funds, 401k Plans, Buy/Sell Agreements, Key Person, Long Term Care and other related products. He […]

Can love be insured?

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

by Jeff Nevison

“This year marks the 11th anniversary of Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM), an effort to raise awareness among consumers about the need for life insurance. Americans by and large aren’t saving much money and many households are still mired in debt. Many see value in life insurance, but less than half have individual […]

The problem with term insurance

Is term insurance still the wise, financially-prudent move? Or is there a problem with term insurance that may put you and your family at risk?

For years, term life insurance has been considered the best way to go to protect your estate while also investing for retirement. Advocates like Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, and Clark Howard […]

Life Insurance Awareness Month
Real Life Story: Connie Hobson

What if this had been your family?
Bill Hobson led a very active life, so it was shocking when Lou Gehrig’s disease robbed him of his muscle function. His wife, Connie, and their three girls cared for him until he died from the disease. Bill’s greatest wish was for his family to be able to go on […]

Life Insurance Awareness Month
Life Insurance 101 Video

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Life Insurance Needs Calculator
Life Insurance

Life Insurance Awareness Month 2013: Life Insurance Needs Calculator

Now Available as an Android App!

So, how much life insurance do you need? Well, the answer isn’t really how much life insurance you need… it’s how much investment capital your family will need at the time of your death. Their need for capital — on a gross basis — is really a function of two […]

Life Insurance Awareness Month
10 Questions for Boomer Esiason

Boomer Esiason is the spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month
For 14 years, Julius “Boomer” Esiason set the gridiron on fire as a quarterback for the NFL, playing for the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals. Now he puts his talents to work in broadcasting, as a TV sports commentator and as cohost of […]