According to the new hands-free law in Georgia, which came in effect July 1st, 2018, is that the use of mobile phones has now been restricted inside cars. Any small use, from turning on music to typing up a short text to someone, can get you a ticket. If you are seen using your phone and doing so for navigation or communications purposes, you are liable to get a ticket. The new rules might seem a little too harsh, but following them is a necessity to prevent accidents.

Here are some ways to avoid tickets while driving:

  • Turn on Your Music Beforehand

You can’t be changing songs in Spotify while driving anymore. While playing music in cars is not prohibited, touching your phone to do so is. You can setup a good playlist that you can start playing before you start driving or use alternative ways to play music inside your car while you drive.



  • Use a Bluetooth Connection

Often times, some calls are urgent and you need to take them no matter what. To make sure you’re still connected while driving, use a Bluetooth stereo connection. The connection will allow you to attend calls without having to interact with your phone.


  • Navigate without hands

    While driving, you cannot grab your phone to search for a nearby restaurant or supermarket. Even while you are at a stop light you cannot be seen touching your phone. An option, in case you need to change your destination, you have the option to talk to Google maps. If you have an iPhone you can say “Hey Siri, open Google”, then you can ask Google, “Ok Google, Supermarket near me”. This will display all the closest Supermarkets, next to a START button. Just tap on START and Google maps will show you the way.