Even more choices for you and your family! We are pleased to announce that Mountain Lakes Insurance has added services for health and supplemental health insurance. We do this directly or through alliance with trusted partners.

Mountain Lakes Insurance is now directly appointed as a broker with AFLAC.  Headquartered in Columbus, Georgia, AFLAC is considered the leader for Supplemental Health Insurance for Individuals and Groups.  Our last newsletter introduced our dedicated AFLAC representatives, April Dye and Erica Campbell.  April and Erica are our managing representatives for all health-related products. We are able to offer a vast array of products including accident, critical care, cancer, disability, dental and vision.  Whether you have an individual or family need, or you’re a small or large company, we can offer products and services to help manage the complicated world of health insurance.  If you own or work for a company with 10 or more employees, we have access to a unique Private Benefits Exchange that might interest you.  Most businesses are not aware that ACA makes it possible for employers to join a non-profit healthcare co-op in order to lower costs.  If you have 10 or more employees, this could significantly lower your healthcare costs.

Please remember, as your life changes, we can help you determine insurance needs or other actions that may be important. It’s one of the most valuable services that we provide. Call us at your earliest convenience at 770-926-9444 to schedule a review of your current insurance needs and future possibilities. Or contact us here.