Georgia Teen DriverThose first driving lessons bring a wide range of emotions. The teenager sits in the driver’s seat, fastens the seatbelt, starts the car, grips the steering wheel at 9 and 3, and then shifts the car into DRIVE with an accelerated heartrate, a little nervous sweat, and a slight grin.

The teenager’s parent watches from the passenger’s seat, proud of the teenager’s maturity, but dreading the what-ifs, uncertain about all the issues involved with having a teen driver in the house.

The following four-part guide is a quick overview of Georgia teen driver permitting, licensing and insuring. If you have additional questions about Georgia teen drivers and your auto insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact the caring and professional independent insurance agents at Mountain Lakes Insurance.

Further Information:
Georgia Teen Driver Overview
Part 1: Getting Your Driver’s Permit
Part 2: Obtaining Your Provisional Driver’s License
Part 3: Teenagers & Auto Insurance (coming soon)
Part 4: Your Class C Georgia Driver’s License (coming soon)