checkboxAll right, let’s admit it: there are plenty of reasons to be stressed-out right now. But your insurance coverage shouldn’t be one of them. Making sure that you and your family are adequately covered can be simple and affordable, and bring you some peace of mind in a crazy world. Now might be a great time to look over the past few months and ask yourself these three quick insurance gut-check questions that will help you decide if your insurance coverage ensures a worry-free (or at least “worry-reduced”) life.

GUTCHECK #1: What have I purchased or received recently?

With Christmas and Valentine’s Day in the rearview mirrors, and maybe that tax-refund purchase already made and waiting for the actual refund, your household may be the proud owners of a new piece of jewelry, a minibike, a computer, or other valuables. The purchase of firearms has been on the rise recently. Have you made sure that these new purchases are adequately covered by your current insurance? Some simple questions addressed to your MLI insurance agent might ease your mind.

Changes in your household might mean it's time to review insurance coverages

GUTCHECK #2: Have I experienced a change in the make-up of my household?

Has your marital status changed? Has someone moved out? Or moved in? A new baby? Is there a new driver in the household? A new driver’s permit? Someone heading to college in the fall? An in-law moving into the newly-finished basement? Things change quickly, and it’s easy to put aside the insurance issues. But being properly insured can mean all the difference in an accident or catastrophe. Is your new household ready for the storms that life can bring? It’s great that you got that raise or promotion, but if something happens to you, will your family be taken care of? Will the bills get paid? Maybe it’s time to think about expanded life insurance coverage, disability insurance, or long-term care coverage.

GUTCHECK #3: Is my insurance long in the tooth from being left on auto-pilot too long?

Most often when people buy a home, car, boat, or other major purchase, they are excited and emotionally focused on enjoying the new addition to their lives. They are perfectly content to just take whatever insurance is being offered and they end up with expensive insurance from big-box insurance companies with captive agents that don’t offer choices and coverage options. If it’s time for an insurance review, the agents at Mountain Lakes Insurance can take a look at your current coverage, compare it to various plans and companies offered, such as Travelers, Foremost, ASI, Auto Owners, Progressive, Encompass, and many, many others, and put together a plan that will ensure you and your family have the right coverage at the right price.

If any of these three questions makes your gut a little queasy, there’s no need for that. Let the experienced and professional agents at Mountain Lakes Insurance help you take the stress out of your insurance coverage. Give us a call RIGHT NOW at 770-926-9444 or email